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Rally has been discontinued as a service

Read about why Rally was discontinued

What is Rally?

A daily email service that delivers time-sensitive information from your Twitter friends - announcements, events, plans, reminders, etc.

Rally monitors your Twitter stream looking for messages about future events and plans. It summarizes important information about each event: what your friends are saying about it, the location, external links for more information. A schedule of upcoming events in your network or location is available anytime at The Rally Report is a morning email update of the most important events occurring that day.

How do I use Rally?

Use Rally to make last-minute planning more effective. Start each day knowing what social events are going on among your friends.

Getting started is easy: Sign up and opt in to the Rally Report. Rally will start monitoring your Twitter stream and you'll receive your first update the following morning. Your friends having plans that day are summarized at the top of the email - click on a photo to view that person's plans. The top plans are prioritized by number of your friends involved. Click on a friend's photo above a plan to see their comments.

Who are the team behind Rally?

Mark Soper

Please send thoughts, questions, and any other feedback
to @marksoper or contact Mark here

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Time-sensitive announcements
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Summarized, prioritized, and delivered
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Social Plans: Concerts, Sports, Parties, Travel
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